LAWCLERK's Virtual Associate Subscription Program

Through LAWCLERK’s Virtual Associate Subscription Program, freelance lawyers looking for a consistent number of hours at a set hourly rate (instead of flat fee) can be paired with hiring attorneys looking to work with the same freelance attorney for an extended period of time.  As the name indicates, the goal is to facilitate a part-time virtual associate working relationship, while maintaining all of the benefits and flexibility of being a freelance attorney.  

How Does It Work?

LAWCLERK will be posting subscription opportunities similar to the way Project and Team opportunities are posted.  These posts will include a description of the general scope of the work being sought by the hiring associate, the number of hours per 4-week period, and the hourly rate being paid.  If it is an opportunity that interests you, you can apply.  But, as with Projects and Teams, there is no obligation to apply.  

When you apply for a subscription program opportunity, your profile and any note you provide will be shared with the hiring attorney.  From there, LAWCLERK will facilitate interviews of selected applicants (via Zoom of course) to allow the attorneys to meet one another and ensure it is a good fit. 

What Are the Hours and Rates? 

The subscriptions run in 4-week periods and start on a Monday.  For instance, if a subscription program period started on Monday, January 1, the 4-week period would run through Sunday, January 28, and the next 4-week period would commence on Monday, January 29.

Each subscription is for an established, agreed-upon number of hours per 4-week period, which may be anywhere from 20-160 hours.  For instance, 40 hours per 4-week period, which may only be increased by mutual agreement.  Again, the number of hours will be set forth in the subscription opportunity when it is posted.    

There are three subscription levels:  

  • Level 1 pays $52.50 per hour;
  • Level 2 pays $70 per hour; and 
  • Level 3 pays $100 per hour.

But we also know that work ebbs and flows and so we provide flexibility to exceed the committed number of hours in any 4-week period by written agreement among the parties.  Overtime (i.e., any hours over the committed subscription hours) are paid at the set hourly rate + 7.5% of that rate. 

How Do I Get Paid?

Payments are tendered by check and are mailed every two weeks.  Specifically, payment for each 4-week period will be tendered in two installments, which will be sent two weeks apart.  The first payment will be tendered on or about the Tuesday after the first two weeks of the 4-week period and will be in the amount of one-half (or 50%) of the committed hours multiplied by the hourly rate.  The second payment will be the remaining one-half (or 50%) of the committed hours multiplied by the hourly rate, plus any overtime, and will be tendered on or about the Tuesday after the 4-week period has concluded.  For example, if the subscription program were commenced on Monday, January 1st, the first payment will be tendered on or about Tuesday, January 15th and the second payment will be tendered on or about Tuesday, January 29th. 

Are There New Workflow Tools?

Yes!  When you start a subscription program, you and the hiring attorney will have a new dashboard within which to share documents, to communicate, and to video chat.  The new dashboard includes matter folders, making it even easier to manage documents and communications regarding a particular client or case.

Interested in Providing Virtual Associate Subscription Services?

If the Virtual Associate Subscription Program sounds like a great fit for you, please apply to the subscription opportunities posted by LAWCLERK.  You can also let us know you are interested by clicking the button below and completing a short form regarding you interest.
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